Natural Bones

All bone varieties are sourced in the USA and manufactured at our facility. Bones are slow roasted, locking in flavor and ensuring adequate moisture levels to provide optimal nutrition and quality. With so many natural bone options, we're sure you'll find products that fit your needs.

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2-3" Beef Center Cut

4-6" Beef Center Cut

7-8" Beef Center Cut

6" Rib Bone

12" Rib Bone

5" Back Strap

10" Back Strap


Porky Femur

Tibia Bone

Dino Bone

Shank Bone

Blade Bone

Slammer Bone

Femur Knuckle

Crown Knuckle

Saddle Knuckle

Femur Bone

Hock Bone


6" Trachea

12" Trachea